The Perception Of Teachers And Students Regarding The Causes And Consequence Of Failure In English Language: (A Study Of Selected Schools In Ogun State)




Failure in English language is a great problem facing junior secondary Education system in Nigeria. It has eaten deep into secondary and tertiary institution.

Despite the fact that the students are not sound in English language, their teachers do favor them by giving credit in the said subject. The government has also mandated it that there should be no record of failure on the part of the student. In secondary school the student find if difficult to perform excellently because they are not well grinded in English language. Taking a look at their result in primary school level compare to that of secondary school, it does not tally.

The magnitude of the problems and the danger in the problem has been identified by the general public at large. The significance and importance of English language have lost meaning among student. Nowadays students do not take English language seriously, they do not attach any important to the subject. Events have shown that the issue of failure in English language is not only peculiar to Nigeria alone, it happens all over the world. It is very clear to the Nigerian situation that in discipline constitute to the most fundamental problems, in the society of which failure in English language has increase speedily.

According to history, out of 6,000 regular and private schools student that sat for school certificate examination, only few manage to get a last credit in the subject, others failed. Having said about the examination bodies, I will not hesitate to mention the extent to which some parent and guidance go about the issue. It is well known fact that many unscrupulous parents do not really encourage their children to put interest in English language that although it is a borrowed language in Nigeria but it should be taken with seriousness, there is the problem of low morale and morals of teachers. Teachers have suffered status degradation and their committee plummeted. In this study, the opinion of teachers and students will be known in respect of who is to blamed for failure in English language. It will also research into the causes and consequence of failure in English language in the life of Nigeria society and hereafter, solution and recommendations based on the findings will be made.


Hundred percent passes of English language in primary school prompted the researcher into looking at the causes and consequences of failure in English language in junior secondary school that is basis 7-9. several accusation have been levitated against public primary school teachers, the primary school curriculum planner school pupils. The researcher therefore, attempts to investigate the causes of failure in English language in junior secondary school.

In view of the over-increasing degree of failure in English language, the causes and consequences of failure in English language in Ogun State.


The following are the specific question to be answered in this research work.

  1. What is the general perception of student and teachers about the causes of failure in English language?
  2. Are teachers, pupils and parents responsible for failure in English language?
  3. I the English language teachers responsible for the causes of failure in English Language?
  4. Does failure in English language have adverse effect on the country social and economic? 


The hypothesis will be in the Null form.

  1. There will be no statistically significant difficult between the perception of student and teachers in urban areas and rural areas on the causes and consequences on failure in English language.
  2. There will be no statistically significance difference between the perception of teachers and student on the consequences of failure in English language.
  3. There will be no statistically significant difference between the perception of male teachers and students and female teachers and student on the causes and consequences of failure in English language.


The significance of this study has expression in the sense that it does not only aim at bringing out the views of teachers and students on the causes and consequences of failure in English language, but also imposing concrete and attainable practical steps, though which this problem can be eradicated. It is hoped that this study would be of immense benefit to teachers who would come to be acquitted with the various ways through which this act is practice and at the same time provided them opportunity of being vigilant of the student.


This study will be limited to selected secondary schools in Ijebu-Ode Local Government in Ogun State.

Although, the problem under study happens throughout the country, this therefore will give limitation to the extent of generalization based on the result of this study. Finally it should be noted that the result of these findings may not be generalized to other schools.

In essence, it is only the schools used for this study can make use of the result despite the fact that the result will give a general outlook of what operates in the local government area of the state particular and Nigeria in general. 


In this limitation of the study, these are the problems encountered in the cause of the research exercise among which are:

  1. Financial Constrain – Due to financial constraints, I was unable to go to some other schools and to purchase the necessary material needed for the research.
  2. Unwillingness of respondent to give me the necessary information needed because of fear of the unknown.
  3. Time is another limiting factors to gather all the necessary information needed for the research.


Perception – In this context, perception is used to represent the view outlook and understanding. A particular way of understanding things.

Teachers – A male or Female learned person, this is expected to impact knowledge to an unlearned person.

Student – A male or female who is learnt, that is expected to acquire various learning experiences.

Failure – Lack of success in doing something.

English Language – It is a subject that is been taught in schools.

Consequence – A result or effect of something.

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